Triage Software

Triage and call support software

Give your staff and nurses guidance through triage with gold standard and branching protocols.


Reduce or eliminate voicemail with easy call handling that doesn’t allow any calls to fall through the cracks.


Grow your practice with the best patient service practices available today.


Have a call center? Implement the best workflow, see the best scorecards, implement disaster recovery, and more.

The triage Support you always wanted

Search EHR and PM from within Health Desk

See patient demographics, contact information, medications, health history, appointment history, future appointments, and prior phone calls in one easy interface. One click of a button is all it takes to save the encounter into the patient’s chart!

Intelligent Branching


Scripting and branching for your nurses and phone agents, no matter the specialty: OBGYN, Urology, ENT, Geriatric, Family Medicine, and more.


Automate Documentation and Patient Education

Patients only recall a portion of what your nurses told them. Sending care advice and patient education materials via secure message is as easy as clicking check boxes and hitting ‘Send’.

Tools your phone staff needs

Intelligent scripts for ALL phone calls

Health Desk has scripting for billing, referrals, medication refill, insurance verification, and more. With Health Desk, your staff won’t have to remember 100 things off the top of their head, and calls that should take 2 minutes won’t drag out to 10. Improve consistency and slash training time.

Eliminate or Reduce Voicemail

No more dialing voicemail, replaying messages, trying to discern the name or issue for each one, only to find after 15 minutes that the very last message might be emergent. Capture name, demographic, and primary issue in seconds with an easy interface that prioritizes each call and never lets one fall through the cracks.

Patient Optimized Scheduling

Handle calls according to their priority, not by when the call came in. Even appointments require an appropriate time be chosen for the patient’s issue. With intake guidance for non-clinical staff, they have the tools they need to make and document the right scheduling choice. No matter who is handling the call, scheduling involves triage involves scheduling.


The providers that give patients a better experience grow their practice by 2x the competition. Grow your practice by investing in superior patient experience. Whether you are considering Health Desk or a new call center, download this whitepaper & infographic for more information.

Easy to use, accessible from anywhere

Decreasing staff training time

Health Desk’s intuitive interface and guided protocols are extremely easy to learn. It usually takes less than 2 hours for nurses, call agents, or front desk staff to be trained and ready.

Web-based and constantly evolving

Health Desk is entirely web-based. Not only is your disaster recovery plan and offsite staff suddenly cheaper, no installation is necessary for users to be up and running. New features are added all the time at no additional cost to your organization.

Complete call documentation

Health Desk automatically documents your calls and makes it extremely easy for your staff to collect relevant information.

Enterprise-level features


Robust reporting and analytics

Get a true picture of all your calls. How many are for general admin issues, vs medication refills, vs the top medical condition? With Health Desk implemented across your practice, you will be able to optimize training and start giving patients answers before they even call.



Automates your workflow

When your staff takes a call, Health Desk can automate prioritization of that call as well as automatically forward to the right queue. Health Desk records time stamps for every action staff takes, giving unparalleled insight into call flow. With unlimited queues to fit your workflow and role-based permissions, you can automate your workflow and slash training time.



Unparalleled customer support

Our clients love us because of our exceptional customer service. Our customer success and IT support teams work closely with each customer to ensure that Health Desk continues to delight them.


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