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21 Nov [webinar] Staffing a New Call Center

In this webinar, part of our intro series to call centers, Stephen Dean, COO of Keona Health, will discuss tips for how a new call center can approach staffing. Learn how to forecast call volume and staff appropriately. Take the most important skills for your...

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preventing burnout

02 Nov Preventing burnout

    Quick! Off the top of your head, name the best job you ever had. Now, take a moment to think about what made it fantastic. Why did you pick that position? Did you enjoy the work? Was it more about your coworkers? If you take...

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22 Aug How to grow 2x with the right scorecard

    Patient experience is an important leading indicator of growth and profitability. Those who focus on it grow faster than those who don't. But in order to improve, you have to measure. As the healthcare industry is becoming more like the retail world, creating scorecards for...

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