Introducing Keona Health

20 Nov Introducing Keona Health

Keona Health Introduces New Software that Automates the Medical Interview, Innovating
the Communication Process Between Healthcare Professionals and Patients

New triage software increases nurses’ efficiency by 43 percent, enabling less time on the phone and more time on the hospital floor

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., (November 18, 2013)Keona Health, a healthcare software and automation provider, today introduced a new software program and mobile application to help healthcare professionals communicate more effectively with patients. Keona Health’s Online Health Advice application ensures nurses efficiently and accurately diagnose symptoms while reducing the amount of time spent handling triage phone calls for patients.

The Online Health Advice application prompts patients to complete their own health histories using an intelligent interview process by phone or through the clinic’s website using the industry standard Schmitt-Thompson telephone triage protocols. Once the information is submitted, a nurse will review the content and respond to patients as soon as possible.

A major challenge for U.S. medical practices is the 100-200 telephone calls they receive per medical provider per day. Between 5 and 10 percent of these represent medical problems such as fever, cough, skin rash, chest pain or behavioral concern. These are called triage calls. They take more time than other calls and some level of clinical decision making is required for them.

According to National Institute of Health-sponsored research conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, on average, a small three provider clinic handles 10,000 triage calls each year. With a mode of 10-15 minutes per call, that respective clinic spends more than 2,500 hours per year on the telephone. The study also found that Keona Health’s Online Health Advice application saved 43 percent of nurse’s time by automating the medical interview.

“Doctors are expected to deliver better care to more patients with less time and staff,” said Oakkar Oakkar, CEO of Keona Health. “We bring automation to one of the most painful
areas of healthcare – remote patient communication. Online Health Advice increases operational efficiency, improves patient satisfaction and boosts revenue.”

The Online Health Advice solution allows doctors to see more patients, increase annual revenue and automatically save triage encounter information to electronic medical records systems. Patients, nurses and physicians can access the application from anywhere with a web-enabled device, and as a multi-user system, Online Health Advice allows any number of nurses or physicians to triage simultaneously.

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About Keona Health

Keona Health is a healthcare software and automation provider helping healthcare professionals communicate with their patients while relieving the telephone burden triage calls bring each year.  In most cases, triage calls are not reimbursed and cost healthcare providers $15-20 per call out of its pockets – which on average can cost a clinic at least $150 thousand a year in revenue. Keona was recognized at the Allscripts Open App Challenge for best supporting clinical, financial and performance improvement results. For more information about Keona Health, visit and
on Twitter @KeonaHealth.


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