Call Center Software

Triage and call support software

Keona’s Health Desk product provides call centers with the tools they need to manage and improve their call support operations.


Equip both your call agents and clinical staff with intelligent branching scripts and protocols


Tight EHR integration provides relevant patient information and saves call time.


Optimize call workflow with telephone integration, automated routing, unlimited queues, permission based roles.


Empower your managers with powerful scorecards including first call resolution, detailed call flow breakdown, and total resolution time.


Increase patient access and reduce call volume by offering E-visits

Tools your phone staff needs

Intelligent scripts for ALL phone calls

Health Desk has scripting for billing, referrals, medication refill, insurance verification, and more. With Health Desk, your staff won’t have to remember 100 things off the top of their head, and calls that should take 2 minutes won’t drag out to 10. Improve consistency and slash training time.

Intelligent call workflow

When your staff takes a call, Health Desk can automate prioritization of that call and automatically forward to the right queue. Health Desk records time stamps for every action agents take. With unlimited queues to fit your workflow and role-based permissions, you can customize your workflow and slash training time.

Patient Optimized Scheduling

Handle calls according to their priority, not by when the call came in. Even appointments require an appropriate time be chosen for the patient’s issue. With intake guidance for non-clinical staff, they have the tools they need to make and document their scheduling choice. No matter who is handling the call, scheduling involves triage involves scheduling.

The triage Support you always wanted

Powerful Protocol Engine

Do your specialists complain that your telephone protocols don’t fit their needs? Build intelligent branching protocols tailored to your service and population. Or pick from our extensive library which includes gold standard Schmitt-Thompson pediatric and family medicine, urology, geriatric, OBGYN, and behavioral health protocols.

Integrates closely with your EHR

Health Desk tightly integrates with your EHR and PM system providing time saving features like integrated patient search, single sign-on, view appointment history, view future appointments, view patient health history and medication, one-click save to chart, and more.

Automate Patient Education

Patients only recall a portion of what your nurses told them. Sending care advice and patient education materials via secure message is as easy as clicking check boxes and hitting ‘Send’.

Easy to use, accessible from anywhere

Decreasing staff training time

Health Desk’s intuitive interface and guided protocols are extremely easy to learn. It usually takes less than 2 hours for nurses, call agents, or front desk staff to be trained and ready.

Web-based and constantly evolving

Health Desk is entirely web-based. No installation is necessary for users to be up and running. New features are added all the time at no additional cost to your organization.

Complete call documentation

Health Desk automatically documents your calls and makes it extremely easy for your staff to collect relevant information.

Enterprise-level features

Robust reporting and analytics

Get a picture of your call workflow. Between first call and final resolution, exactly which step takes the longest? What do your top performers do differently from other agents? How can non-clinical agents further optimize resolution time for nurses? With Health Desk, you get the insights you don’t get anywhere else.

Customized to your current and future needs

Health Desk was architected from the ground up to be easily customized and to support integrations. Not only will Keona setup the software for your existing workflow, Health Desk enables customers to create innumerable workflows themselves. Unlimited queues, protocol editing, automated prioritization, timers, and routing allow your call flow to be what you want it to be.


Do you want to supplement Health Desk’s capabilities? We OEM with best-in-class third party vendors to ensure our customers have no need to cut corners or compromise on delivering best in class service.

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